You Won’t Believe What This Pumpkin Does in a MRI Scanner!

Wow! Check out the MRI scan of this pumpkin looks like! Andy Ellison’s website Inside Insides has a whole gallery of images of different objects that Andy has scanned with a research grade Philips 3 Tesla MRI. Andy is a MRI technologist at Boston University Medical School. Thanks, Andy!

Animation Showing the different Layers of a Pumpkin

What am I looking at?
The animation you’re seeing is showing the MRI scan as separate layers. Imagine slicing a pumpkin horizontally like a layer cake. Each picture is an individual layer, and the animation shows scanning from the bottom of the pumpkin all the way up to the stalk.

What’s a “3 Tesla” MRI Machine?
The “3 Tesla” MRI machine means that it’s a more modern, powerful MRI machine than many of the 1.5 Tesla machines found in hospitals. A more powerful machine results in greater detail in the final scan. Here’s a good explanation of 3 Tesla machines from 3T Imaging.

Can you tell it’s a pumpkin? Can you see the stalk of the pumpkin?



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2 thoughts on “You Won’t Believe What This Pumpkin Does in a MRI Scanner!

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