MRI CPT Codes for 2013

MRI CPT Codes Joke

This is a list of MRI CPT codes for 2013. CPT codes are useful when calling MRI centers to request prices or information. There are so many different options and areas of the body that having a simple 5 digit MRI code is easier, so the person you’re talking with knows exactly what type of scan you need. It’s also helpful for insurance, since reimbursements happen based on the CPT code.

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Source: Find-A-Code, Inspired by Michigan State’s MRI CPT Codes Coding Guide.

Common MRI CPT Codes

Body area
without contrast
with contrast
with and without contrast
Orbit Face/Neck705407054270543
Upper Joints (elbows, wrist)732217322273223
Upper Body (arms, hands)732187321973220
TMJ (Temporomandibular joint)70336
Cardiac (morphology and function)75557-75561
Cardiac (morphology and function + flow/velocity quantification)75558-75562
Cardiac (morphology and function + stress imaging)75559-75563
Cardiac (morphology and fuction + flow/velocity quantification + stress imaging)75660-75564
Spine - Thoracic721467214772157
Spine - Cervical721417214272156
Spine - Lumbar721487214972158
Pelvis (Soft Tissue: General)721957219672197
Pelvis (Iliac vessels)--72198
Lower Joints (knees, ankles)737217372273723
Low Appendages (legs, feet)737187371973720
Bone Marrow770847708477084
Breast (One side)770587705877058
Breast (Full chest)770597705977059
Uterus or Ovaries (Pelvis)--72197

Last Updated 7/15/2013

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