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So many people are commenting and asking questions I’ve added a forum. Please register to post your question or comment. I hope it’s helpful!

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T. Jankowski lives in San Francisco. Find him on Twitter and . His latest direction is learning about health and blogging about MRI scans. He's quite the biotech explorer, including designing lab equipment like a blue light transilluminator and PCR machines, and co-founding BioCurious, the largest hackerspace for biotech.

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  1. I’ve had several MRI brain scans with contrast, so I’m used to the noise & weird vibrations, but after having the last one, about 8 wks ago, I’ve felt ‘wrong’. Inside the scanner I felt calm & relaxed & even meditated. As soon as I sat up, I was really disorientated & dizzy, couldn’t think straight. I had to drive home, which was a challenge, needed to stop after 20mins to recompose, cos I felt unsafe to carry on driving. Manage to get home but had terrible headaches & migraines, with aura, noises inside my brain, hypersensitivity to light & chronic fatigue & lasting disorientation. My body’s magnetism was all over the place, I felt very unbalanced. Symptoms lasted 8 weeks. Three days ago I had dysphasia & really loud noises inside my head, so loud that I couldn’t hear my dad shouting, he was stood in front of me & loss of memory. I was taken to A&E & was advised to have another MRI, which I refused, telling the doctors what had happened after the last one. I was in hospital 3 days & was several doctors. Tests proved inconclusive, it wasn’t a mini stroke, as originally thought, could have been caused by a virus, or was maybe a severe migraine. But I know how I’ve been feeling, since having that MRI!

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